Retail market tracking

Retail market tracking

Market information available today

We monitor trends in shopping behavior and the retail market. Key data about the retail market and shoppers are available in a range of multi-client studies including historical trend data.

Development of Shopper Behavior and Retail Trends:

  • Market trends / hard data regarding Czech retail
  • Transaction data from traditional trade retail (sales, promotions, basket analyses)
  • Development of shopping habits and attitudes
  • Purchase barriers and motivators
  • Shopper loyalty and satisfaction
  • Shopper segmentation / target group profiles
  • Retail chain positioning and image / retailer strengths and weaknesses
  • Shopper perceptions of categories in distribution channels
  • Shopping missions and purchased baskets of products
  • Seasonal purchases / Christmas


  • Food / broad assortment, Home & personal care and cosmetics, Furniture, Home Improvement /DIY, Electronics, Apparel & footwear, Shopping centers, Petrol stations, E-shopping, Pharmacy, Pet food, etc.

Advantages of INCOMA Multi-client Studies:

  • Long-term trends: data starting in the 1990’s
  • Benchmarks: international comparisons internationally, among retail chains, store formats and product categories
  • Portfolio: over 20 studies covering a wide range of topics and market segments
  • The international SHOPPING MONITOR study maps shopping habits and preferences in 11 countries of the CEE region
  • Experienced team: 20 years of shopper & retail research for dozens of clients (retailers, manufacturers, financial institutions), and hundreds of projects

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