Leaflet Monitor

Leaflet Monitor

Over 10 years ago INCOMA GfK began development of approaches in the area of monitoring and controls of the distribution of unaddressed leaflets as a medium, which is one of the key sources of retail information for customers. Over time our system has developed in several areas:

 Leaflet Monitor

  • A system, which monitors the content of all nationwide leaflets distributed not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia and selected CEE countries   – information delivered by this system includes who promoted and how often, which products were promoted at what prices, which promotional mechanisms were most often used, etc.
  • Daily updates of data from 100% of all nationwide leaflets of over 100 retail chains in the Czech market; in addition to product information the system also contains selected INCOMA GfK indexes that enable faster orientation with regards to leaflet reader reach.
  • Especially useful for purchase managers, buyers, category managers, and everyone on both the retailer and supplier sides, who needs information about leaflets and promoted products.
  • Selectable categorization of products appearing in leaflets, complete leaflet scans in which the product was promoted.
  • Complete data can be viewed with offline or online applications including export of data into common file formats.

Distribution Quality Monitoring

  • Our approach to leaflet distribution quality monitoring provides clients evaluation of distribution quality by an agency independent of leaflet distribution companies.
  • Client distribution checks, where we conduct interviews at households in selected areas as an independent member of a control team.
  • Blanket checks of (benchmark) stores, where in the course of one day we conduct checks of a complete retail store network and thus provide the client with a quick snapshot of the distribution of a specific leaflet.
  • Household panel monitoring, where we conduct continuous checks (tracking) using a large number of households so that the client can see changes in distribution over time

Distribution Plan Optimization, Leaflet Impact Analyses

  • Upon client request we optimize store leaflet distribution plans; because of our broad scope of services, we are able incorporate information regarding shopping habits and behavior into the calculations of ideal distribution units.
  • In the process of optimization we always follow the guideline that it always significantly more effective to distribute a smaller number of leaflets in an exactly defined area, than many more leaflets indiscriminately.
  • We link Leaflet Monitor to the RegioGraph geomarketing tool in order to calculate actual leaflet impact on the population and identification of its socio-demographic structure.
  • We conduct leaflet product composition optimization analyses, which enable effective planning of leaflet promotion products across leaflets of different retail chains.

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