HoReCa & Industry

HoReCa & Industry

For over 20 years INCOMA has been monitoring and providing expert analyses in the area of HoReCa (travel sector facility, public and institutional food service, petrol station chains, vending systems and direct supply of selected customer categories, sometimes in general referred to as out-of-home-consumption – OOH), as well as, in a broad range of industrial market segments.

We utilize potential synergies and our experience across segments including those from other countries within the GfK network. Thanks to this foundation and a clear focus, we are not only specialists on project management, but also experts on business processes of B2B markets. This enables us to realize and coordinate interesting international projects.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive and independent view of the market, support them in making key decisions whether from the standpoint of strategic management processes or development of sales & marketing processes, and help them to develop and grow in the long-term.


INCOMA GfK has over time developed pragmatic approaches and content for widely utilized methodologies in order to best meet the specific needs of the HoReCa market. At the same time, we have also developed our own approaches, which have usually originated from the needs of our clients.

We currently possess a logical structured portfolio of products, which cover the different levels of priority, scope and importance of client needs:

  • On Trade Census – a product unique in scope, which provides a comprehensive overview of gastronomic establishments in the Czech Republic, including segmentation criteria
  • INCOMA Horeca Overview – an analytical product based on the continuous monitoring of gastronomic market development that delivers detailed information about the current state of this important distribution channel
  • INCOMA Horeca Monitor – an analytical product based on the continuous monitoring of the purchases of food ingredients and other products by gastronomic operations

Other types of products:

  • Mapping of lodging & accommodations
  • Brand image analyses
  • User preference & attitude analyses
  • Comprehensive external environment analyses for strategy formulation
  • Comprehensive analyses for business diversification
  • Front-line customer service quality analyses (based on mystery shopping)


Industrial Sector, B2B Analyses

Within the scope of B2B and industrial marketing research, INCOMA GfK covers a broad range of segments, especially in the public utilities segment (energy, water, waste disposal, etc.), construction and construction material production.

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