Geomarketing & Regional analyses

Geomarketing & Regional analyses

Geographical analyses have been one of our main areas of interest for over twenty years. The range of possible deliverables is extremely broad from data layers and maps to comprehensive analyses and expert recommendations for specific projects.

These products are most often used by trading and distribution companies, investment firms and developers, banking institutions, as well as, other commercial companies interested in the regional aspects of their business or the demand potential of their particular projects. Our services are also utilized in the public sector by schools, municipalities and a broad range of local and state governmental institutions.

Localization Analyses, Regional Development Analyses, Regional Opportunity Identification, Expansion Consulting

  • Analyses and consulting for shopping center and other real estate projects at specific locations (hypermarkets, shopping centers, entertainment centers, residential projects, leisure-time projects, etc.)
  • Consulting for regional expansion and branch network optimization, selection of the best locations
  • Regional development analyses, marketinganalysesfor development projects in cities and regions
  • Research or selected segments of the real estate market

Regional Databases and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Geomarketing

  • The most extensive retail network database in the Czech Republic, databases of other regionally structured socio-economic data including the complete database from the 2011 Census, purchasing power (for municipalities, zip code zones, districts and regions), and market potential indexes of cities/towns including their integration into a geographic information system
  • Distributor of REGIOGRAPH geographic mapping software: this system enables visualization of the internal data of users, data from other sources and their linkage. The system was primarily designed for use in the commercial sector and is therefore easy to use. The software is designed for use in combination with MS Office programs. (for more information see
  • Heatmaps– a unique project that provides an overview of foot traffic at different locations in the Czech Republic using data from active SIM cards at the specified locations.
  • Geomarketing analyses, comparative analyses of locations and regions, catchement area research

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